Working on a Tower Unite documentary!

Hello everyone!

My name is Ark, I’m a fairly “known” content creator. I’m creating a long documentary about the people and the community of Tower Unite in the hopes to bring more people in to try this amazing game. You can typically find me in US East 1 near the fountain interviewing people. If I’m not there it means I’m more than likely away from the game or getting footage of other parts of the game. I want your voice to be heard and shown to hundreds of thousands of people so if you’d like to take part track me down in-game!


Awesome idea! Can’t wait to see it!!

Where will said documentary be published?

Right now were still interviewing people, grabbing footage, and writing the script. Don’t really have a time frame but I’ll be sure to keep the community up to date on its progress!

great idea to have these :grinning: