Working Chess Board?

So my Idea seems pretty straightforward in my opinion. Could we get a piece of furniture to place in our condos that allows us to play a game of chess with our guests? The next level I could think of would be maybe adding some tables with chessboard around the main plaza like you would see in Central Park in New York City.

If this works you could maybe add in other smaller board games for Condos, like Candy Land, or Checkers?

That would be cool! I would still like to see a furniture version though to liven up some of the tables in my condo!

To be fair, you could do a pseudo tabletop sim and throw some workshop physics items into your condo. No forced rules, just the honor system and your ability to not knock things over accidentally.

Using Workshop items you can play. We had a game the other week after a friend added all the chess pieces and set up a game. This was a screenshot he took as part of my game with another friend.

I won. :wink:

It would be nice to see a proper version though for sure.