Work to get money

I recommend you get money by doing jobs, and get the items be more expensive to work harder for it.
I would love to see this happen and work with your friends or something like that it would be really cool :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure about this. Especially on a socially driven game, you are supposed to earn money by playing games with friends. And I personally think it should stay that way.


Tower Unite, unlike something like Second Life, is strictly about around games and party life.

…what if the “job” was a game? one you played with other people?

or: what if you could choose to serve as bartender at the club, and you actually have to handle everyone’s orders - which then kind of forces you to interact with other people? Maybe you get - like - 200c every minute you’re there, but people can tip you as much as they want, too.

this could work in the DJ booth, too - how long can the crowd put up with your taste in music without voting you out…


Actually, that’s not a terrible idea. Playstation Home had a space called that Sodium Hub, which had several minigames to play within it. One of them was a bartending minigame and it was super fun and was definitely very social. I was one of the more well-known bartenders there and was known for my speed. I met a lot of awesome people while bartending there. Something like this could make project 12 more relevant.


I think jobs could work if they were made more game-like and less like real jobs, like a re-stocking job in the stores where you have to toss specific items to the right shelves or something


Yeah. That bartending “job” I mentioned from PS Home was a really fun minigame. It was 2 sided, as well. The customer had to play a minigame to order and then, the bartender did a minigame to make and serve the drink. It was a blast.

Can’t seem to find a video of it but here’s a description of it from the PS Home Wiki:


The Scorpio’s Bar in the hub has two complementary games. The player chooses to play the customer or the employee game.

As a customer, the player orders a drink. An employee fills the drink order. Then, the customer drinks the drink by pressing the button shown on the screen. The button are shown sliding side to side. Every time the button reaches one side, the symbol on the button may change between a box, a circle, or an X. The player must press the button on the controller when the sliding button reaches the middle of the display. Success results in an award of Sodium Credits.

As an employee, the player takes an order from a customer. The order has four parts: a cup, a drink color, a primary decoration, and a secondary decoration. The employee fills the order to match exactly what the customer ordered and delivers it to the customer. Completing an order correctly results in an award of Sodium Credits.