Wonderful operation video

I occasionally hit a hole in one while playing mini golf. But I couldn’t do it again. So I wanted a feature that would save videos while we played mini golf.

· it can prompt me whether to save the video or not when I get a hole in one shot while playing golf

· when playing ball race to set a new record, it prompts me whether to save the video or not

· automatically deletes videos when I don’t need to save them

Maybe when this feature is developed, we’ll see more of it on YouTube. I hope you’ll consider adding this feature later.

Many games have this feature. I think we can also see different ways to get through the game.

In my opinion, this ruins half the fun. Having people look over guides and stuff to get a good score. If it doesn’t get added, Instant Replay with GeForce Experience is an alternative.


a highlight reel would be neat, but this doesn’t really seem like the kind of game for it. if you’re looking to record, just use your video cards sometimes in-built ‘shadowplay’ or have OBS open.

at the moment though for minigolf, your stats for HIO’s are recorded i believe, so you can at least show that off!