Wonderful Masterpiece

So, during as discussion in Discord, we were arguing about how shitty the Chuck E Cheese logo was. So ImmaSpoon, Areami, and I decided to take it among ourselves to fix it.


My Version:

ImmaSpoon’s Version:

Max4344 (Areami)'s Version:

Clearly, I think ImmaSpoon’s version is way better, and they should be using it in stores everywhere.


A true masterpiece.
Did a 10/10 job on it.
Please note I intentionally made to be of a horrible quality

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This is one of the best things I have ever seen…

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This is hot

Oh god

Ah…I love waking up, and taking that like 30 seconds thinking like…“Did I fucking actually do that?” and then slowly realize and start laughing to yourself…“Yeah…I did.”.

Good Times…Good Times.

@Zak, this is what happens when you leave us alone at night. You keep the order, that and we get SOOOOO BOOORED.


This is a true masterpiece. Chuck E Cheese should adopt this as official marketing 10/10

Shame we have none in the UK though. :pensive:

True… You did this @Zak