With the steam sale around the corner, what games are you hoping to get?

The Winter steam sale is almost upon us. In roughly 8 hours from the time of posting the sale will begin. With that in mind, what games are you hoping to buy or receive for Christmas.

I’ve posted these already in [this thread] (Watcha getting for the holidays?), but I’ll post them again here. The games I’m looking to get in the sale are:

  • Undertale

  • Helldivers

  • Kerbal Space Program

  • Besiege

So, what games are you hoping to get over the winter sale. Happy Holidays everyone! :christmas_tree:

Just Cause 3

das it

Definitely Rocket League + All the DLC except Chaos Run and Super Hexagon. Probably gonna grab SimplePlanes and Plague Inc. Evolved too.
Also I got almost all mysterious cards :smiley:
###Only 7/8 hours 'till the sale begins man! Hype train just got real!

ze- space engineers?

Papers, Please.


I’m also thinking about getting Papers, Please.

Most likely The Long Dark, Arma 3, and Dying Light.

Just curious, is ARMA 3 hard to get into?

Looks at wallet balance

So uh, nothing then.

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Apparently there are like a gazillion different buttons to learn compared to more traditional games.

So, I got Rocket League now, and decided to also buy Chaos Run, because I gotta admit, I got convinced.
No idea why that game is so massively fun, but it is.
Still thinking about getting SimplePlanes and Plague Inc. Evolved.

Plague Inc is a great game. I don’t have it on steam but I had a great time with it on mobile. Rocket League is awesome.

Plague Inc. Evolved is so damn good. Can’t recommend it enough.

If anyone doesn’t own it yet, you can pick up the Guacamelee! Complete Pack for 90% off (£1.49, $1.99, €1,99).

I’m in the process of downloading it now. Its meant to be a great action-platformer and for 90% off, you should definitely pick it up. :smiley: