With the new condo lobby comming out

  1. make the lobby have dimmed lights at night “like the lobby we have now”

  2. Idk of his is possible but maybe have it to where we can see the plaza from the Window?

  3. When you log into your lobby make it place it randomly instead of person a gets lobby 1 person b gets lobby 2 and so on. So that makes it where the condos are more spread out

These are just my suggestions. Feedback is Appreciated!

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I agree with suggestion 1 and 2, but not with 3.

For 1, I like the idea. Mood lighting could make it look amazing. For the 2nd, this was always my pet peeve. You could never see the plaza from the windows. As for the third one, I feel like it shouldn’t be this way. There’s no need for the condos to be more spread out, if they’re lined up in neat rows them that way it’ll be easier to find someone’s condo.