Wish the sale was at least 30% off, right now is 20%

I think you should be happy that there’s a sale at all.


if i were ever allowed to say, i would say that is not better than nothing compared to the sales in the past.

luckily they are not like like “up to 85% off” but the majority is just 20%.

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I can appreciate that but the game is still a steal at that price, hell I think even at full price it’s worth every penny


true, but wish it would be higher in discount so it could significantly raise the sales at once (which i would love to see 2k players online after that) :slightly_frowning_face:

We’ve been sitting at a sustained 800+ player count since Arcade released and they opened more servers. I’d say it’s already done some good.

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Well factor in the devs aren’t doing microtransactions so like, their primary source of income is game sales, I think you should respect the fact they’re trying to run an honest business here.

I paid full price and the game has payed me back 10 times as far as I’m concerned.