Winter Plaza & Holiday Event Decorations



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Yup, better write your wish list now cuz’ Santa Claus is coming to the tower.

Normally the autumn plaza would have arrived earlier than the halloween event. Seasonal plazas however are a new feature, so autumn plaza’s stay will be short this season.


Wow! I want see a snow Plaza version!

The weather feature would be good if it gives some snow sometimes, into the plaza.

And we could interact with these piles in some way.

Would also be awesome if we could buy piles of snow for our condo in the seasons store.

Snowball weapon, would be good :slight_smile:


Using the snowpiles in the plaza to make snowballs would be pretty sweet.
Imagine sprinting over to a snow pile inorder to hastily make some snowballs so you can fight back against the huge group of people that are barring down on you.

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I hope there will be a festive music too.


Is there gonna be Unit giveaway events like in GMT? Or random present stuff!? That’d be pretty sweet.

By “random present stuff” do you mean something like the cauldron from this Halloween event? If so I would be fine with something like it, however, Doing two events in a row where you hope to get lucky and get the item you want seems like a bad idea. Also, I’ve seen my fair share of players who would feel the same way.

Our plans are to have presents spawn around, but when you go to redeem the present - you can select what item you want from the list of holiday items. Not sure if that will happen exactly, but that is one of our plans at this time.


Could you make it so that say small green elves carry them around so you gotta take it from them, or just shoot them?

Do you plan to have the same system as GMT had ?

Presents randomly spawning all around plaza (not only the beach like forgotten remains) and being able to take one every 5 - 10 minutes.

I think that was candy buckets which you could only find with the paranormal detector.
Could add something called “Winter Goggles” which you would need to have equipped to be able to see them.

Oh, and i wish there is a night and snowy weather while this winter plaza is going. :blush:


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