Windows Firewall Glitch

My Specs in case you need them for reasons

GTX 750 Ti
AMD FX 4300
1 TB HDD <— game is installed here
111 GB SSD

My Issue

Everytime I open the game it asks for the windows firewall confirmation, which gets quite annoying and sometimes makes the game crash. My IP does not change since I use a single static IP and only have port 7777 and port 80 forwarded.

Why do you have that port open? Unless you are running your own webserver for something entirely different.

No, I don’t keep ports open unless I’m using them. I built a fairly cheap server PC using spare parts from my workplace (I work at seagate so it’s not hard to come by a spare 32 gigs of RAM) and that’s mostly what I host stuff on.

So I’m sorry, you don’t have port 80 open or you do? Cause you say that you have it forwarded.