Will you guys get into Nvidia's Technology?

“Beefy machine” is very subjective and can differ depending on each person. Perhaps a hardware survey would be proper in order to determine what the majority would benefit from?

I hardly see the point in excluding people with good machines under the assumption that most are running toasters.


Personally, I’m with Zak on this matter.

Gameplay first, graphics later. We are already on one of the most advanced engines with a solid graphical engine, we don’t need to push it any further yet so I don’t see any of this new technology being part of our game.


You’re right, it wouldn’t make sense to remove a feature solely because it doesn’t work on everyone’s machine.

But the point I’m trying to make here is that as game developers, we want to spend our time working on features that everyone can enjoy, and avoid / postpone features that only people with specific hardware can enjoy.

There are cases where we’ll make an exception based on what the feature does for our game. But generally, this statement holds.


I’m going to close this topic as we have given our official stance on this matter for the time being.