Will we still be able to submit maps to an official line up?

Like in Gmtower, people could build maps and see what the community thought of them. (Forest for Minigolf being a good example) The Unreal Engine just happens to be an engine I am (somewhat) familiar with in map making. (And from what I saw in some of the streams, working with UE4 seems easier than UE3).

The main reason I pose this question is because I plan an making a few maps. I want these maps to be able to be played on Ranked Servers and not just some random workshop mod you can use with friends in your Unranked Server. I want the hard work of mine and others come to fruition and be of high notice to the community (Be it that the content is good) and not be something to play for fun but for something to compete on.


I see something like this has been discussed, so I guess this part of my question still stands, Will the map be usable in ranked servers. Will the map be added to an official line up if deemed good enough?
And I new question I have, Will you have a verification system? I.e Free money, it prints itself, therefor it is bad and can’t be used in ranked.

I think yes.

There will be Steam Workshop support, so they can easily (dis)approve addons. Also, if your maps will be great, they should add it to ranked servers. Look at CS:GO or TF2. Valve loves community creations.

I really hope this part is true

I’m pretty sure it will become a reality, although the tools may not be available from the get-go.