Will we ever see any of the 'Upcoming' Gmod Tower gamemodes in Tower Unite?

I was just browsing the GMTower website earlier and saw the ‘Upcoming’ list of gamemodes, which you can see here. Do you think that we will ever see these gamemodes in some form in Tower Unite?

For reference the gamemodes in this list:

Harvest (12 Players): Grow crops and build up your farm through even the harshest seasons of the year. Compete with other farms in attempt to collect the most cash from crops or livestock.

Monotone (8 Players): The concept surrounding this gamemode is loosely based on the Unfinished Swan. Players will explore the mysterious world of solid colours by ink-blotting the opposite colour.

Little Nostalgia (8 Players): A side-scrolling adventure game with charm and a knack for video game nostalgia. More information coming soon.

2D Knockout (12 Players): A side-scrolling deathmatch brawl. More information coming soon.

Conquest (8 Players): Travel across the sea to different levels. Explore this fantasy world and its dungeons. Collect gold, special items (such as a torch). Completely top down.

Unannounced Coop Puzzle Game (32 Players): More information coming soon.

It would be nice to get some information on these games or at least make these for the workshop to be played in Tower Unite.


I’d want to atleast see Harvest and Conquest, as these sound the most fun.

A lot of these sound awesome! I feel like Monotone is similar to Splatoon, though.

If you think about it, most of these modes ended up somehow becoming a part of Unite. Conquest is almost exactly what the Ocean Expansion ended up becoming, and Harvest, if they are still making Gardening, is what most likely influenced it’s creation.

As for Monotone, I remember someone saying in the IRC that the mode was broken or something? However I think it would be possible to put it in in the current version of Tower.

As for Nostalgia and Knockout, they seem like a fit for the new arcade API. As for the non-announced Co-Op Game, nobody can really make guesses.

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I believe monotone was scrapped partially due to source engine limits (more specifically decals) and that the gameplay was generally dull. It would be entirely possible to make it in TU but they’d probably have to revamp the entire thing.

Exactly. I think I remember the devs massively criticising Monotone’s gameplay, and thus decided to scrap it. They atleast just stopped development of it mid-way and listed it as a Future Idea in the GMTower trello.

I believe Monotone was scrapped because at a certain point, Source Engine would crash with all the paint entities, so they would have to make it start fading away, which ruined the point of the game.

I do think they’d be able to pull it off in Unreal Engine however.

There is always a chance for any of those to return.


I believe they said they actually almost finished it, but abandoned it because it was too boring and slow paced.

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I just hope they put the old GMTower gamemodes into the arcade or atleast bring back some of the classics Virus, PvP, and Zombie massacre. that would be awesome. . .

First off, nice bump.
Second, you clearly haven’t even read up on Tower Unite. Like, at all.

Virus will be coming back, same name.
PvP will be coming back, now named Slaughterday Night Live.
Zombie Massacre will return.

Accelerate will also return.
UCH will return, though it will be completely different in terms of asthetics. It is now called Tiny Crusaders.
Minigolf and Ballrace are back, of course.

I cant read all the topics at once and I didnt get any notification that the subject was already being discussed when i was writing it. I was honestly speaking my mind and im sorry you didnt like that.

He means that you clearly haven’t read any information about Tower Unite because right on the IndieGogo it says that all the gamemodes are coming back and even has descriptions of the gamemodes. Same thing was on the Kickstarter. The FAQ here on the site also addresses it.

Well didnt see it cant help it, whats done is done.

It may sounds like splatoon but the base is really a game named the Unfinished swan, released in october 2012 so it’s waaayyy older than splatoon, and it’s not all about conquering turf but finding your path through uni-color world (the game evolves with other mechanic but it’s basically this base) Here is a video about the said game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZAWG2YobgA


Dam dude you’re digging deep for that bump O_O

But that game does look cool. And so do these gamemodes!

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