Will we ever get the Virus Dualies and Sniper/Crossbow Back?

The dual silencers in GMT felt badass to use despite being kinda shit and the sniper was bad, but in the alpha version it was replaced with a crossbow, which could’ve been fun to use. i wonder, will we get these weapons back?


The current silencer is meant to be a dual wield, which is why it has so much ammo. The other silencer just hasn’t been implemented yet.
The crossbow also exists in the games files and I believe was even shown working in a dev stream. Where is it? Who knows.

The real question is when we’ll get the ricocheting laser pistol back.


it was so much fun
wasn’t THAT overpowered either

Back in the days before weapon prediction was implemented the Sci fi pistol was there for us. I would like to see a return of ricochet lasers too.


We need the sonic shotgun flip animation back too