Will we ever get more weapons for existing Game Worlds?

Zombie Massacre and Virus have been out for a while now, Virus especially, and I’m curious if we will ever get more weapons to use in them. I feel the weapon pool is a bit small at the moment. I know there are higher priorities, but I would really appreciate if more weapons came over time.


I wish we did get more weapons for the those gameworlds.

They are making more weapons for SNL so I think they might get added to the other gameworlds aswell. Only time will tell … or Mac … or any other dev :innocent:

For Virus we have a crossbow and XM8 that still need to be added at some point.

For Zombie Massacre, there’s a few more weapons that could be added but I’m not sure if we will add anymore unless it’s part of a map. ZM does have over 30 weapons so far.


I keep forgetting that gun even exists.

I remember when the plasma autorifle was just a blue xm8 with infinite ammo
Good times

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I remember when it was called the m4a1

the m4a1 was a completely different gun
it was removed due to being redundant, i think

and also for looking nothing like an m4a1

yep that generic lazer gun, i swear to god that i recall the plasma autorifle was once called m4a1