Will we be able to make custom maps?

Will we be able to make custom lobbies and custom game world maps using Steam Workshop?


Im pretty sure. I would love to see a cool map similar to Lobby 1! :smile:

Yeah. I’m pretty sure they will either have an SDK or some UE4 guide.

They have their own resource packs to use on the GMtower forums that are for use in Hammer, which I tried using to create a ballrace map and utterly failed at because Hammer is annoying and doesn’t like working.

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That’s for GMT maps, which won’t work in TU. The UE4 website has good tutorials, and the devs will probably release the necessary resources to create maps in the new engine. Mac was talking about releasing a program that converts VMFs to playable maps in UE4, so that’ll help.

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I was just reassuring SirParadox that there will be resource packs for TU as they have done it before.