Will we be able to access the back portion of the condo in the final version?

I’m just curious if we’ll be able to reach that back area with the extra pool and the lights and trees and stuff because I really want to.

(This bit here)

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In “The final version”, the condo won’t look like this at all.

You’ll have an entire editor where you can place walls and floors and ceilings and stuff and change the way the entire place is laid out.

So to answer your question, no. But that’s a good thing.


actually yes

They renovated the backyard a bunch, and it now overlooks a beach.
You can access this area now.


Can I access it in the unstable weekly version yet?

No idea. I don’t keep up with those builds.
I just saw Mac show it off on stream yesterday.

No, you can’t yet. You will be able to in the next weekly, though.

Ooooh, pretty beach