Will virtual reality ever be a thing?

From the Tower Unite Indiegogo

"We also plan to use every Steam feature available to us including: Steam Cloud, Inventory, Friends, VOIP, Achievements, Trading Cards, and Steam Workshop.
We’ll be working towards proper VR intregration, starting with Oculus Rift and Vive!"

Is this still being considered? I know it is too early to tell considering the game is only a year old, but I thought it would be an interesting thing to see.


Since our Indiegogo, VR has changed drastically. It is currently unknown if we will be making a VR mode at this time.


You guys keep saying that but I’ve never understood why. UE4 already has native VR support, TU already has full controller support, you would just need to make a new menu system and you’ve got a perfect seated VR experience.

Tower does not have full controller support (yet) and adding VR isn’t as simple as turning on the Unreal plugin. We have to redevelop inputs and spend time actively developing VR features. We also would have to research and learn to develop on the VR platform which is not something we are familiar with right now. Vive completely changed and so did Oculus since we last messed with VR.


Fair enough. Well, I hope it’s something you at least consider for the future. I may well never play any other game ever if this got VR support. Lol

I still think VR wouldn’t work with the majority of TU’s content.
Walking around the lobby or spending time in the casino? Sure.
But everything else? VR would be either impossible to implement (Ballrace, minigolf), or give you a huge disadvantage (Virus, Laser tag). Plus, the amount of people who own or even care about VR is very small and I feel like it’d be a waste of time to develop it.

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