Will users banned previously on GMTower be able to play Tower Unite?

Used the search function to see if it was asked before and couldn’t find anything.

I was banned on GMTower sometime last year for trolling. I was micspamming, mocking others’ interests and generally just being annoying. It was my third ban and is permanent. While I suppose this is an appeal of a sort, I’m just wondering, will all bans be copied from GMTower?

No, as bans will be on a server-by-server basis due to servers having their own rules. VAC bans will still carry over, though, since ranked servers will be VAC secured.

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This sounds like a good idea.

Sorry for the late question, but rather than making a new topic…

If I have a VAC ban on my account, but I can play on GMOD’s VAC secured servers, will I be able to play on ranked servers in TU?

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Yes because that VAC ban you have is not associated with Tower Unite. If you get VAC banned on Tower Unite, THEN you won’t be able to play on Vac Secured TU servers.