Will tower unite become a big hit?


What do you think ?



I have faith in it becoming good and popular, but that’s not soon


I don’t think we can really predict if Tower Unite will become a hit sensation or not. There’s a lot of factors that go into what becomes popular versus what doesn’t, and most of those factors can only be lightly influenced (if they aren’t just completely uncontrollable). I have faith that the end product will succeed, seeing as it’s a unique and fun product, but just because a game is good doesn’t mean that it will become a popular phenomena. There’s a reason the term “Cult Classic” exists, after all.



Also i’m a backer so of course i want the game to become succesfull, but its basically sort of rng since nobody knows what people really like/want


It’s quite a different type of game in this time of Battle Royale genre and e-sports so, it’s hard to say if it will be a hit but I’m sure that once it’s out of early access, there will be a giant spike of players!


I certainly hope so.


I believe so, it is certainly a unique game, interesting and fun to play.

It’s obviously not a hardcore gamer’s dream, but it’s nice to just chill and have a quick play.


I’m usually bad at prediction stuff like this but a buddy of mine has some compelling arguments for why it’s gonna be one of those next big things:

  • When it’s fleshed out, it will be that. PixelTail put so much passion into it and everything is up to a great Standard, it will be great software.
  • It’s gonna have so many features that there’ll be something for everyone.
  • Because of the listed above, it will have good ratings and little reasons to receive bad ratings.

I’m paraphrasing and I think I sound way less convincing.


I made a post about this (which is one of my regrets because I said something dumb) it will eventually

one of the factors that is preventing it is the fact that some maybe most people who have not played it yet thinks its a rip-off of golf and friends


Does golf and friends have other gamemodes, condos and a lobby, itself filled with games? Otherwise I’d say that’s a bad argument by uninformed people. Just like “VR is just a gimmick” from people who compare the next level of immersion and the most intuitive controllers ever to stuff like Power Gloves.


I definitely think it’s possible. TU is one of the best unique experiences and has something fun for everybody. When it’s got more meat on its bones and everything plaza / gameworld related is finished I think it has a huge possibility to blow up and get thousands of players. We’ll see in a year or 2.


I think it can and it should. I’m just worried that those who have already purchased the game won’t stay tuned to the new features and just assume the game was never improved. Hopefully when the game is officially released it will have enough advertising for those who need more than a gentle reminder. :wink:


TU has more content that some AAA games even combined *cough *cough call o dooty ww2 *cough *cough metal gear survived *cough


Content isn’t the only factor of course. Tower Unite has tons of potential, but due to the lack of content available during early access release, the game doesn’t get much recognition for its newer features. I believe Steam pushes games to the front page when they leave early access so that will need to be big. The key factor for TU’s success is marketing. If they can successfully show that the game is more than a minigolf/casino simulator, people are prone to flock to it. The overall concept is fantastic; it just needs to capitalize on what makes it unique when we enter v1.0


I almost thought [quote=“M2TheT, post:14, topic:24471”]
If they can successfully show that the game is more than a minigolf/casino simulator, people are prone to flock to it.

i almost though the game was just a glorified golf simulator even after playing it (before casino update) i was real close to a refund, but then it hit me, the canvasses were really versitile building tools, after experimenting with them and made a (DATA REDACTED) i realized the potential this game has, now i love it so so much


That’s exactly my point! As much as I hate to admit it, there is a large number of people who don’t actually know this game has more to it than minigolf. Hopefully once the rest of the gameworlds are out, people will see more variety in trailers and playthroughs and stuff.


I think the biggest problem with Tower (and I’d argue also its biggest strength) is the lack of focus. I mean, if you’re like me and you love to jump from minigame to minigame, from activity to activity, condo to condo all in the same game with the overlaying systems on top while still earning currency, items and achievements, you’ll (perhaps eventually) love TU. But if you like a single part of Tower? Then you’ll be probably able to find a different game that does that aspect better, that does it more. There are exceptions, of course, but even the more unique parts will suffer from lack of updates dedicated to them.
Then again, that allows the devs to create a truly diverse experience that people like me enjoy so much. (The question is whether to focus on developing gameplay that can be found elsewhere) Plus there’s the community aspect, of course.


Tower Unite just need many many many minigames ( all kind of games) … and many things to do like a virtual world should be …


While it’s definitely possible, I kinda doubt it. Seems too niche to gain traction from a more mainstream audience if you ask me.


Mini games are essential to the growth. But more than that, WORKSHOP.
This CAN be like a Gmod 2. So much potential. Get the framework in place and encourage custom content.