Will there be more variety to customisation (player model)?

Just wondering if there will be more clothing updates, hair styles and features (etc.) in the game.

There definitely will be more ways, expect some to be added. (Don’t ask me which though, I guess some were already added and I know nothing because I haven’t played TU in a long while)

Eventually they plan to create their own character models and clothing. The current male/female models are just placeholders.

The main focus right now is completing the main plaza, remaining gameworlds, and optimizing the game.

Didn’t they say something about sliders for differents parts of your character? Like, looong ago?

The original intent was for a variety of customizable sliders, like most character customization systems. I don’t think this is still planned anymore, but it’s been quite a while since we last heard any news about it so I could be wrong.


I mean, they have said several times that they’ll be completely overhauling the customization system when they don’t have other priorities. I can only imagine sliders will be used for a good variety of customization options, depending on how complex they make it.

Only time will tell.