Will there be any nightclub milestones?

Just wondering since i like hanging in there sometimes and racked up some xp.

Yes, they are planned.

Here’s what we currently have planned for Nightclub milestones:

  • Pool Cue Weapon
  • Throwable 8-ball
  • Billiards Morph
  • Particle Effect That Pulses With Music
  • Rainbow Party Hat
  • FFT Pet
  • Throwable Booze (right click to vomit)
  • FFT Enabled LED Wand

Excited to Vomit on Command.

What does FFT mean, is it related to the visualisers?

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So you turn into a pool ball?

Yes, it is related. FFT stands for Fast Fourier Transform, a mathematical operation that transforms a number of samples over a time interval into an equal number of frequency components up to the signal’s bandwidth.

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Lol. I’m dumb

It turns this, an (audio) signal over time

into that, its frequency spectrum


Thanks. That made way more sense.

Oh so that’s what they’re called, I always called that effect an Equalizer.


Yeah, an equaliser modifies the spectrum of a signal, being a parametric frequency filter.