Will the Steamworks Alpha be a separate edition of Tower Unite from the Early Access/Released title?

I ask this question considering some games will separate their released/EA game from developing builds. For instance, Skullgirls is split into Skullgirls and the Skullgirls ∞ Endless Beta ∞ . I’m curious because I want to know whether or not hours played and uploaded screenshots will remain consistent or only for the alpha version.

I think they won’t keep the alpha. But the stuff could transfer because I think they said somewhere they will update the alpha into the early access sooo yeah.

I think the current system is just going to be a rolling build, with the alpha turning into Early Access which turns into Stable. However, everything that happens in Alpha will be wiped before Early Access.

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They’ve stated on the latest stream that the Alpha Copy will turn into an Early Access copy at launch.

However due to the fact that you have unlimited units in the alpha. All stats and stuff will be wiped at early access release.

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Apparently, it will all be a single steam package instead of two separate ones. I guess it’s just easier for everyone, both the users and both the devs (and your hours also roll into the new version).

Great, if this is true (could use some dev confirmation). I’d like all my time put into it to be noticed in the more refined versions, plus it’s easier to organize Screenshots on my account with just a single title.

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