Will Spin To Win be as rigged as before

Because hot damn that was rigged

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What exactly do you mean by “rigged”? Of course its rigged. Its not physics based. Its pre-determined the second you press E.

It’s based on percentual chances, not physics
get over it

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Im asking if the percentages will be the same. I never said it was Physics based.

I still think it would best and more satisfying if the spin to win was physic based, they just would need to place multiple “Nothing” on the wheel and we are good to go

But then we won’t hear “This is rigged waste of money”, and other angered comments in the casino


The only problem with Spin To Win right now is that people mistake it for a “Press E for free iMac” button. Its still one of the more fun games in the Casino. I enjoy it for the variety it brings to the table.

Its like what I never say…

“Try your luck but when the stakes are high the chances are low.”