Will out of bounds be fixed in Condos?

I know some condos have unintended space you can get to that you can be pretty creative with.
I’ve already seen some and they are fantastic.

To list them there are a few: the underground from the default condo, the huge empty space above the lower area in high rise, the infinite void space outside of the studio, and other empty suites in the suite.

As of, you can get there pretty easily, although it requires a bit of work to get out of the Suite.

I have some plans for them, but it would be a waste of time building there if these entry points are fixed.

Will these ever be fixed?

You can noclip in condos with, I think, v. it’s no work at all to go out of bounds.

Yeah, it’s for the visitors, though.

Oh, yeah, true. Didn’t think of that.