Will GMT unfinished maps be ported?

will the maps that were planned in gmod tower be in Tower Unite?
Pvp Battle (slaughterday night live):

Ball race:


Zombie Massacre:


It would be cool to see them.

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I really like some of these ideas. Hopefully the assets for them will still be used even if the levels aren’t made.

If they are made, they probably wouldn’t be ports. HL2 doesn’t really convert to UE4. These would need to be remade from scratch.

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It would be great to see at least some of these be ported from source. Although, with all the other things being worked on (like the casino), if this was to happen, I imagine it wouldn’t be high on the priority list.

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The devs don’t really support the idea of porting old stuff into the game. They learned so much and they can do much better leveldesign than years ago. It’s quite harsh to tell them: “Don’t create something new and awesome, forget about what you learned and do your leveldesign in the shitty way you used to do 5 years ago!”
The idea of porting an old map to TU sounds awesome, but these maps where source projects and the devs have much better ideas right now than continuing their old one’s. Their tools are better now with UE4 and they can do soooo much more stuff.

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Beach won’t happen.
Oblivious is Midori.
Water World died the moment we couldn’t come up with more than one level.
Carnival World was a cool idea that maybe could be redone someday.
Metal World was so close to being released.
Space World was very close to being released.
Subway was released.
The Lot… ask @Lifeless about that one.


I want Carnival World and Space World the most, even if GLXY and Prism are in space too.