Will Condos ever be connected with the Plaze?

So when the game is fully finished, will we still have to disconnect from a condo just to join the plaza? I find that time consuming if you just trying to look at peoples condos waiting for a gamemode to start.

The condos will technically still be their own server since the owner is hosting it, but I assume that there will be a system that keeps you “connected” in a way to the server you were on. Again, this is just an assumption, but I think you’d be able to easily move between condos and the server lobby.

There isn’t a condo port for nothing, from this port, you’ll be able to take a condo by selecting a door available, and your name will appear above it, the condo will be it’s own instance but still will be linked to the plaza and people can join you by knocking at your door from the condo port in the plaza