Will building/teleporting out of bounds in condos get patched?


I say this because it seems like a really neat trick that could be used in amazing ways, but an exploit is an exploit so it’s probably getting patched.


There is nothing to patch, really. It’s up to you if you want to build out there, but just realize that it’s not designed with the intention to build out there and the levels could change a bit.


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Good to know!

Two more questions about being out of bounds: I’ve heard that if you go far enough out of bounds in a condo there’s a kill plane. So that brings me to my questions:

  1. Is the kill plane just on the top and bottom edges of the map or is it also on the sides?
  2. Can you noclip, teleport or otherwise go through the kill plane?


Sorry to bug you, but I’m still waiting for an answer to the questions in the last reply.

  1. Only top and bottom.
  2. Can’t noclip past but you can teleport past it.


Okay, good to know.


Aren’t there kill walls on all sides? At least for Smooth Dirt, I was able to teleport to the edge of the map using teleporters and ended up being reset once I got a certain distance past The Edge™.


Oh yeah, you’re right. Forgot about that.