Will anything go in the back of the Casino here?

I walked into the Casino to take pictures of the large desk and double doors in the back of the Casino. I was curious if anything was going to go in here or if anybody would ever be at the desk. I couldn’t find anything specific about it on the Roadmap

I also discovered that there were small doors on the balcony as well, but they have nothing in them and are unable to be opened unlike the secret Texas Hold Em’ table
These are much more understandably decoration if nothing else, I am very curious about the desk though!
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We’ll eventually have an NPC behind that table that handles exchanging chips.

As for the upper floor, that area was incase we wanted to expand the casino more.


Oh, neat! I love all the ideas floating around, lots of places to play with later down the line~

If I may ask to follow up, what are Chips going to be used for?
Additionally, will they sell any Casino themed goodies themselves?

If I recall correctly, the chips will become the “currency” of the Casino, used for poker instead of units, and maybe some other things too.

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Aaah, seems neat. Though I wonder if it will replace Credits on the slot machines as well. I kind of like just using Units directly, though I guess it won’t make a huge difference in the long run

I’m happy to hear that there’s gonna be a Chip system eventually.

I love playing the Poker with my friends but we often find ourselves quite detached from how many units we’re gaining/losing from playing.