Will account/data be terminated after a certain amount of time?

Man, I have not played Gmtower for a few months since my computer died. Even though I currently do not have a computer, I plan to somehow login to Gmtower to take a few screenshots. Anyways, just in case: will any data be erased if you have been inactive for a certain amount of time? (Yes, I know that Gmodtower is planned to close). Kinda connecting to first question, Can data still be transferred even if you have not played recently? I’m just curious because I have no idea when I can get a computer, and if I can even get one before Gmtower closes.

I would imagine so, since they have databases that hold all player data, tied to the player’s Steam account.
That said, I imagine they’ll just be moving these databases over to TU to allow smooth conversion.

EDIT: Just realised I worded that badly and it sounds like I’m saying yes to the thread name question.
Just to iterate: I’m saying that I believe data will still be transferable no matter how long you’ve been away form the game, since all the data is there in the databases, safe and sound.

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Your data will never be deleted, inactive or not.