Will $15 option on indiegogo still get you early access in july?

on the $10 option, it said that the early access will be available at the end of July. Is this still the case with the $15 option?

Nope. 15$ tier only includes a copy of the Early Access Game (and the game itself later on, I guess) and a trophy. If you want the closed alpha access you have to pay 20$ or more

so… When will the early access be available?

March-April 2016

Wow, i thought 15$ gives you pre-alpha access. So now i don`t know which one choose: 20$ or 25$ plan.

if you still need help
10$ Early Bird Gamer - Pre-Order of Early Access, Closed Alpha Access Key
15$ Gamer - Exclusive Trophy, Pre-Oder of Early access (and everything from SUPPORTER)
20$ Enthusiast - Digital Copy of Soundtrack, Exclusive Speed Boots, Closed Alpha Access Key (and everything from GAMER)

With Early Bird Gamer you get Closed Alpha Access and Early Access

With Gamer you just get Early Access and a Trophy (and everything from 2$ SUPPORTER)

With Enthusiast you get Early Access and Closed Alpha Access and a Trophy and a Soundtrack and Speedboots

I would have to say enthusiast would be best if you really want to help Tower Unite to get its goal and to get stuff but if you just want the game with closed alpha then early bird gamer would be good