Wikipedia page!

Wait… so I can go right now to any wiki page & edit it?

Yes, but your changes will be shown and reviewed to see if they truly added anything of value. If not, they can be reverted and you can be banned from making any further changes.

Yep, just click edit on the top of the page…
Make sure you check how it’s laid out so you get the idea of how it’s done.
There’s also the talk page up there if you wanna discuss and add suggestions

Ohhhh okay, I was about to say gg on Wiki Page P:rotection 10/10

The page was pretty badly done, I gave it an info box, Do with it what you will.

Updated it even more, Filled out the box and fixed a lot of grammar mistakes, Added the logo as well.

I actually haven’t designed a wiki page before, So its very nice to finally know how :slight_smile:

EDIT: Added a gameplay section. The wikipage was super sparse and there was barely any info about it.

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Pretty cool stuff. Awesome work!

Some small edits I’d personally make.

  • Not sure about the artists section. Matt and myself do a fair bit of artist work too. Our team is so multi-talented that you shouldn’t credit just those people.

  • We’re an LLC now, so it’s PixelTail Games LLC.

  • “Cuboids” are subject to change, we’re thinking of doing melons or other fruit.

Aww, I was actually happy with cuboids, they fit really well with the overall feel that ballrace gives.

I think they make Ball Race really stale. But this is for another subject/thread.

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Updated according to your changes, When you give an official name for the Cuboids ill update it.

Another small change.

Samuel Maddock - Programmer - He’s actually no longer part of the project at this time.
Cai Phillips - Environment Artist - He’s contractor right now, due to personal stuff, and not full time.

Alright, I edited it once again. Does it look alright now?



Looking really good.

I know I’m being picky but does MMOSG represent what our game is? Would we fit more with Virtual World?

Also feel free to use anything on

I wouldn’t vouch for Virtual World, but MMOSG certainly doesn’t fit, as apparently that means “massively multi-player online sports game”.

Edit: Later on, MMOSG is also referred to as a “social game”. Confusing article is confusing. CMO (Casual Multiplayer Online) is a great fit for Tower Unite, though.

It’s been really tricky to figure out what to put Tower Unite in, but by definition I believe it fits more into Virtual World than anything we’ve thought up ourselves.

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I didn’t add the genre. If Virtual World is what you guys consider it ill add it. Thanks for the press link, Ill look into adding stuff from it.

When I think “virtual world” I think more along the lines of Second Life and IMVU, and that certainly does not fit Tower Unite.

It also seems that “virtual world” can be billed as massively multiplayer online world (MMOW), which seems to set it apart.

Added the pre-alpha ball race screenshot. Couldn’t find a plaza one anywhere to go with it.

EDIT: Added a ton of categories as well.

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Just want to add how pretty sweet it is that we’re gonna have our own Wikipedia article.