Why Project Furry Online is Not Funded

Hi! I wanted to tell you that I’ve been working so hard on my furry MMO game on PC.

The big problem is that I’m alone doing my work at home because I finished something in my list below:

  • The prototype logo for the MMO game
  • My sketch of the MMO game (in my book somewhere)

But, I haven’t finished the rest in my list below:

  • My Trello roadmap
  • The drawing of the creation of the furry character.

I didn’t want to work here in my country, I wanted to work remotely as the game designer.

If you guys have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to ask me.

I seriously hope this is a joke.


This is not a joke.

I was lazy doing my project.

Make sure you know how to make a game (instead of that one infamous guy with his mighty chalice)

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Hope one day I can make it.