Why People are Offended By Negative Reviews

Hello. So I have noticed a lot of people bashing those that place negative reveiws on Tower Unite. I, myself, being one of those people.

Many people are throwing out excuses such as “IT IS EARLY ACCESS” “OF COURSE THERE ARE BUGS” and “I’M GOING TO DOWNVOTE YOUR DOWNVOTE”. First of all, I have supported GMT and TU for longer than most of you have even known of the game.

When I claim I dislike the game, it is not because of the missing features. It is because of the missing community. A game that promoted “social interactions” ironically has an extreme lack of. Nothing in the game says “talking with friends and social interacting”. This was very upsetting to me and a lot of GMT players because GMT was loved because of its communities. Whether it be fifty different lobbies to chose from, seperated condos, and a lack of social activities (such as the casino, club, etc), this game doesn’t bring people together.

Next time read the review before getting upset. Can I not critize the game I invested so much time and money in? I have supported the game, and I sure as hell will continue supporting it.


The only reviews I downvoted were the stupid ones like “no microwaves 0/10”, or the reviews of people complaining about “game breaking bugs” without saying what the bugs are.


Bad reviews should be seen as agents of change, however they would be most helpful if phrased as criticisms and not[quote=“113mac113, post:2, topic:6391”]
no microwaves 0/10"

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have you played with friends?
i’ve had a lot of social interaction and fun with friends in TU so i don’t see this in the game tbh

Yeah, I can’t even get onto any servers over 15 people yet and I’ve had loads of social interaction on Tower already. You don’t need an arcade or a nightclub to talk to people (exceptions including people who have social anxiety, in which case criticism of the lack of a facilitator for social interaction is a fair point), just go on a server and start chatting.

“Just go on a server and start chatting” Was not the point of GMT or TU. The point was to have activities and things to do WITH others

Maybe that was the point for you, but not for me. The point for me was to be able to go into a virtual world and decorate a personal space how I wanted. If I wanted to be social, I could do that, but most of the time I didn’t want to be social because of the shit people would say in the chat.


i always go in a server and see what will happen
(80% of the time its social interactions and fun, but you do need to search for that, not go into a condo an lock yourself out)

The point of GMTower, and Tower Unite, is to do what you want. Socialise, play or customise.


I’m not offended by negative reviews… :confused:

You are thinking we’re offended by negative reviews on the Steam page, but we aren’t (at least I’m not).

Obviously It’s normal that the game has bugs and issues, it’s a Early Access, there will be fixed at some point of the future. And it’s normal there are negative reviews as well. I’m not offended about that, but it makes me sad, I only said that. Nothing from the other world.

I hope you understand what I want to say. @profbonkars.


I don’t get offended by negative reviews, I am fine if you have an opinion and you want to share it with us. I do kinda have a problem though if people give TU a downvote because the game doesn’t work seamlessly at the first day of EA and that there is bugs and missing and unfinished features, all of which is typical and normal in an EA game. UNLESS they made that review to warn people that they shouldn’t buy the game yet if they can’t be arsed to deal with bugs and missing and unfinished features.
Or the dumb ones like @113mac113 mentioned.

I’m not saying that your review is like that, I didn’t even read it.

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I literally made a new friend yesterday so for me it’s bringing people together :smiley:

Yeah you’re right :slight_smile:

Dunno what you’re talking about, me and a couple friends logged a hard 10 hours in a single session yesterday. The devs are focusing on getting this game stable and then on there they can make it more social.

Part of the problem is because things are so split, for example the condo doors aren’t connected to actual condos. Shit like this’ll be sorted soon. Yes, the game isn’t as social because “m-muh early access.” Deal with the excuse. Also the fact that this is a new game. There’s not enough people currently to call it a fully functional community.


There’s a lot of factors contributing to why TU feels a little bare on the social aspect at the minute and it’s mostly down to the fragmented community within different servers and how lacklustre the content is within the plaza, but if we dig deeper it’s also because it’s still the beginnings and at this point everyone is either striving to get the best condo or set up they can this early in the game or just plainly not enthralled enough yet to see it as a platform to chill out with friends on yet.

I also think the absence of the ‘Ranked’ stats is making the official servers redundant, which should be the centre point of the game, but then again you can argue that making the official servers more prominent it leaves the non-ranked servers feeling obsolete. It’s a really weird position, maybe over time as it becomes easier to find and join the Official Servers it’ll smooth itself out, but right now I’ll agree that rather than the ‘Plaza’ feeling like a focal and central point to the game it feels more or less like a waiting room.


It’s been 3 days. We’re working on getting things working and we’ll be making the community together again. I haven’t even joined official servers because I’ve been straight up 100% on crashes and bug fixes right now.

I want to make the official servers what GMT was, but it’s hard to do that while also fixing major bugs. We’ll get to that as soon as possible - it’s a really big part of our game.

It’s not something we’ve overlooked, either, it’s just not done yet.


If it hasn’t been pointed out already, I’d also just like to say that I noticed a lot of these negative reviews still actually say stuff along the lines of “Its really good, but you should probably wait until there’s more content and less bugs.”

They’re still indirectly recommending the game I think, just not in its current state. Which I agree with, and hopefully most of them will change their reviews to positive once they’re satisfied. :thumbsup:


people are currently focused on getting units etc. to get stuff to show off.
later on when people have the things they want, the social stuff can happen.
(helping new players, meeting new friends, helping friends, gettting even more stuff, doing things with friends etc.)