Why is the visualizer only supported for Soundcloud?

Just wondering. Was having a conversation about that in the Nightclub today. I’m assuming maybe it’s something in Soundcloud’s API that just isn’t available for YouTube but I just wanted to see for sure.

YouTube doesn’t let us get the audio data we need to visualize it.

I’m sure there could be a way to have the game render a visualization based on whatever track is playing through the audio, but that might have an impact on performance.

Just an example but I have a custom wallpaper that has a visualizer, and it just picks up sound from the system itself. (wallpaper engine)

That would include the entire audio, which means any sound effects or voice chat would contribute to the visualizer.

Yeah, thats what i figured. Ah, well.

Well, given how we can individually adjust volumes for things like music, game sfx, media playback, and voice chat, you think it could just listen to whatever audio channel the media player is on? If that makes any sense. (No idea how the game works with this stuff)