I was playing in a casino machine and a player kicked me from my machine… how did he do that?.. and then he won my jackpot…

It’s not possible for anyone to kick you from your machine, unless they are administrators and have the ability to kick or ban people.
Although he can keep talking with you for long enough in the hope that you will get distracted enough so that you wont notice when the anti afk popup appears so that you accidentally press the incorrect button and get kicked from the machine.
Then they just take it and act smug that they got your machine.

Only way to avoid this in the future would be to ignore the people that try and take your machine from you.

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If it’s any consolation, the fact that they won the jackpot doesn’t mean you were going to win it. The result is calculated at the millisecond you spin the wheel so it is extremely unlikely you would have been quite as lucky.

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