Why does TU go through every single file with every update?

I feel like this is definitely something that shouldn’t function like it does. Every time there’s an update for Tower Unite, it takes forever, even if it’s a small 22 MB update. I recently realized that it’s because it goes through and patches ALL of the game files every single time. Surely not all of the game files are relevant to that little 22 MB patch, right? Is this missed optimization? I’ve never seen a game do something like this before, and Tower Unite has done this for a while. I never knew why even small updates always took forever for TU, but I suppose I know now, now that Steam shows what it’s doing more transparently.

I love Tower Unite to pieces, and I want this game to continue being amazing. This is a big flaw, and I hope it gets fixed.


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Most of the games content is stored inside of a single compressed file, so Steam has to go through that and patch in the updated files which is why it can take so long to update sometimes even if you have a high bandwidth connection.

There was a little bit of discussion about splitting up the pak file as to not have to patch the entire 15+ GB file, but as far as I know not much has come from that other than they’ll investigate it.

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