Why does the TV you can place in your condo only play in about 25 FPS?

So, i’m not sure what’s going on, but the TV in my condo (The large TV) has really poor playback quality of videos. It seems to only plays videos in about 25 FPS, it also brightens the video as well. Why does this happen? Is this a genuine issue? Or was this done on purpose as an incentive to try and get the better TVs? Or is it just me having weird issues? The theater can play videos just fine, so I don’t really understand whats going on. Can someone please help me out?


Try turning up your media resolution in Settings>Graphics>Media Resolution.

I still get choppy FPS, but it looks better at least.

Yeah I have this problem too, it drives me nuts

It might just be your PC unable to render the video. Or your internet

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It worked just fine on GMTower. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work well now. I did just upgrade my drivers though, so i’ll have to check it again.