Why do we need two pools, a garden sounds better

So I was looking over at the right side of the outside of the condo It seems more like a garden. So maybe a koi pond where when we get the ability to catch fish and throw them into the pond, and for the grass area we could maybe get the ability to grow our own plants for smoothies and such.

It is a garden.

i was thinking maybe we could buy plants, take care of them, grow them and sell them you’re right it really is pointless to have 2 pools


And the second pool is too small to do anything with, So like the idea of a koi pond makes me happy

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I agree, Two pools are pointless, Especially when then you can also count the sea as a huge swimming too!

The ability to catch fish is going to be great and a pond or a place to put the fish and can see them swim would be awesome, Whether they make a pond or a tank that can come in many sizes and be placed in the house.

Garden area would also be awesome, But i think up on top of the house looks more like a viable area for that where that open grass area is. However being able to place plants anywhere would be awesome too and have phases, Such as tree growth and sessions!


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I agree, I would love to be able to grow some… “vegetables”.

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