Why do melons not count in units when you play Ball Race solo?

I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but every time I play Ball Race by myself, melons don’t count in units. Is there any reason for this?

It’s to encourage you to play with other people.


collecting melons solo is pointless since ball race is ment to play with people

but since im always a solo player, makes me slightly sad but understandable

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yeah with nobody else on the map with you there’s no competition for melons, which is probably why!


You already take a big hit in unit gain from no 1st/2nd/3rd prizes though. I think it’d be fair to enable melon unit payouts as long as it’s capped to a reasonable level.


40 with people, 20 solo?

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You still earn units in minigolf and ZM alone… Melons should reward to some extent when you play alone.