Why are the footstep sounds so low in volume?

In the current game, in order to barely hear the footsteps, I have to turn all the volume sliders to max and increase my volume by around 80%, but earlier footage (like this video from the Discord Sneak Peek thread) has them way louder.
Is there a reason why they’re so low, or is it just that low on accident?

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When you run they are louder, but they are not meant to be super loud to begin with.

just give us a slider

A dedicated slider for footstep sounds only? What is the point?

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Changing the volume of your footsteps, obviously.
Alright, to be honest, I wrote that post without really thinking about it. A dedicated slider would admittedly be pretty stupid.

Maybe in the future there could be an “advanced options” tab in sound to change specific settings like “Movement sounds”, “Machine effects”, etc? I dunno, part of me feels like that would be a waste of time.

If we did that we’d probably be one of the first games to expose that many volume controls.

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It certainly sounds like you’d end up with the largest volume of audio sliders.

I apologize for nothing!

It’d probably work to throw in footsteps in a category like environmental sounds (things like beach tides, birds chirping, fountain water flowing, etc). Since environmental noises are typically quiet, it wouldn’t really be a bad thing to turn them up alongside footsteps.

Footstep volume sliders are pretty common actually.

always remember: footstep volume sliders are valid.