Why are the accelerate maps going from 2 tracks to 1?

I feel this is a lazy excuse to pad content. I don’t believe this is a optimization thing either (If it is, please explain why), because other maps like Kingdom and SweetTooth are overall bigger maps than basically all of accelerate’s maps currently.




Just to add onto what CalculatorSpoon posted, another purpose of separating the tracks is just so that people can play the tracks individually.

So, for example, maybe someone is tired of playing Bedzoom track 1 but they like Bedzoom track 2. Separating the tracks allows for players to play the second track without having to play through the first one.

Likewise, when there’s a new track, players don’t have to play through the first track of a map in order to play a new track that was added.


To add on to what wheezer said, this change also gives each track the spotlight they deserve. Tracks are much larger projects than previously labeled. The amount of work done for them is equivalent to making a new map. This gives each track more personality while also giving players more choices. It also allows us to add a cup mode or battle arenas.


To add on to what mac said, pine valley is so epic but criss-cross rapids makes my fingers hurt.

Joke reply aside- this seems like it’ll also make it easier to set the difficulty of tracks. Pine Valley track one feels significantly easier than track two, so having the option to have them be labelled accordingly seems like it’d be nice.

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Are the existing tracks that share themes and assets going to be grouped together on the menus? My main gripe is that now we’ll have two separate maps with overlapping looks where there used to be one (even though the divide has existed).