Why am I not earning credits?

I’ve been playing virus on an official server and such like it says in another topic I read and even played some golf but my credits are still 0 right now. Am I doing something wrong or what? I just wanna buy some items and such but I have no money to get anything with.

Are you on the newest version? We just updated to, and if you’re not on that it might cause problems

It has been happening to me too, but it just started working again.

Me and my friend who just bought the game today are having the same problem, I think it might have to do with the latest update. Devs please fix this ASAP!

If your game version is, you have to upgrade to to make units appear. If your game is already, I’m stumped.

Im definitely using the latest version of the game

I had @Zak look into the issue and he believes it has been resolved now.