Who's currently online?

That could be helpful to have something next to someone’s profile pic, to know if he’s currently on the forums or not.
What do you guys think? :slight_smile:


I’d pretty much be “online” indefinitely, because I never close this tab, but it might be useful for people who use their browsers responsibly.


You can normally tell if someone is online if they have been posting.
Such as this:

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but what if they read :smirk:

I treat my browser like a real boy.

Yeah, but I thought of something much simpler, like a little dot next to the profile pic:

Green dot -> Online

Red dot -> offline

( Orange dot -> online but busy ???)

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I do that alot, which is why it seems like i’m never on the forums.

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and right now i just realized i lost my M̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ Regular tag… i was just on like a day ago. :confused:

Members don’t get tags, that’s a Regular thing.

Sorry, meant to say Regular. I lost my Regular tag. It’s fine though. i’ll get it back

What about people who just regularly check in quickly and make a comment every now and then? A recent post makes it seem like they’re still online, but they could have logged off after making it.

+1 to this idea. I think it’s needed for any forum.