Who wants to take a survey for me?

I’m doing a class report on sexting and I’m trying to gauge public opinion.

If anyone could fill out a short, seven-question survey for me, I’d very much appreciate it!


Got bored and took it. Good look on your class report!

P.s. I noticed the last question, and didn’t see that 12 as an answer… pleasedontgetmadIwasonlytryingtohelpwaaaah

If you picked 13, you should be fine! :smile:

Interesting poll. I’m very curious as to what the results will be. Is there any chance that you could share them after the report?


I am also really curious.

I like the fact that it is anonymous so that if anyone actually had differing opinions than what feels like social norm they could easily voice them.

Of course, this community may produce some strange results, you never know. It is the internet, after all. Have you passed the link to some other places?

Yes, I’ve tried to get a pretty diverse sample.


Took it, good luck in class!