Who likes looking at the ban reports?

Who likes looking at the ban reports because I do. They are entertaining.


Moved to Off Topic because it doesn’t have to do with Tower Unite.

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I remember someone requesting someone get band but they did it entirely as Hulk Hogan, that was pretty great.

I got tired of trying to talk some sense into people so I just muted the topic.

sometimes really weird things stand in it yeah

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I read all of them. It’s really funny when the SJW arrive

I look at almost every single post, and I kinda get curious when there is a ban report, but I mostly hate the reports of people showing porn. I don’t know why, but the thought of someone showing porn in the theater, where other people can simply just sit down and watch, really creeps me out.

Ey, idiots like me have feelings too ;-;

I love seeing the ban appeals where people who’ve broken the rules repeatedly and gotten a perma, try to say they’ve changed and “deserve” another chance.


Yeah, unfortunately i see that alot when it comes to ban reports.

Welcome to the internet.

I should start looking at those.

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