Who am I?

Simple: You give hints about the character your thinking of, the next person guesses the character and then gives hints about their character, and so on.

  1. Use only up to 4 hints.
  2. No offending anyone.
  3. Don’t make it where only
    people who know alot about
    the character can get it.

I’ll go ahead and start: I have a brother, I only wear one set of clothing,
and I love (making) spaghetti. Who am I?


I use eggs as a weapon, typically used as a mount. Who am I?


I have a daughter. I have a gift and a curse, but mostly a gift. This gift is a disease. I cuss and kill…a lot…
Who am I?

@CuddyTurn: Juliet Starling?

I am a space commander, I died once before and was brought back to life, I can be good or evil when the time comes…
Who am I?

Commander Shepard?

I saved my best friend from the depths of hell. I perform sick dance moves and prefer to use a pistol. Or four.
Who am I?

I don’t know.

I crush babies like bug. I pay $400,000 every 12 seconds for gun.

My name is heavy “sandvich” guy… and this is my sandvich… she weighs 150 feathers and contains the perfect combination of lettuce, tomato, cheese, ham, and bread all topped off with an olive… It costs 25 dollars to eat this sandvich… for 12 seconds…

I have the super power of climbing up ladders incredibly quickly and finding weapons and ammo conveniently laying around whenever I need them.

Generic shooter guy (Mr. Freeman)

I can time travel and need to save a princess! I also have a huge bag if you know what I mean :sunglasses:

the Hero of Time? (aka Link… Took me a while to guess it)

I’m a greedy fat man. I like to WAHH. Who am I?


I’m a blue, pixelated man. I am the captain of a ship, with 5 crew members. I can reverse my gravity at will, however I cannot jump. Who am I?

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Captain Viridian!

I’m a spelunker armed with a machine gun. I’d do anything to save my robotic partner, even if I tried to kill him defending sentient, rabbit-like creatures. Who am I?

Edit: PikaUCH is correct!

Curly Brace!

I’m a big anime nerd but I’m also a highly experienced scientist. I also have a crush on a fish person. Who am I?


I don’t think I’m anything.

I’m a flower. I call little girls idiots. Who am I?

Uhh. Flowey the Flower?
I’m a mysterious and well-known figure. I sell jetpacks and sentient watermelons to the few who manage to find me. I also have an awesome voice. Who am I?

The wandering traveler?

I am a well know person in gmod tower, i work with other people, i have a picture of a cat. Who am I


My sidekick is a cat, I’m from the future, and I was first featured in one of the worst games ever made. Who am I?

Silver The Hedgehog

I capture creatures to make them fight eachother for my entertainment…

I would say Dr. Robotnik, but I’m not too sure.

I sail the skies with my orange-haired friend to eradicate the evil Valuan empire who wants to take over the world. I even established my own settlement! .Who am I?


I am an extreme hacker, i make people rob banks and do crazy stuff to get money, all from one site. Who am i?