Whistle Key for Pet Recall

Something I’m sure just about all of you have noticed by now is that pets automatically warp to you in a puff of smoke if they get too separated from you. This is handy for keeping them by your side as they inevitably get trapped away from you, but in some cases it can become annoying. Flying around with a jetpack is just one example; if you’re flying high enough, your pet will fall out of range, teleport to you, and repeat unto infinity.

What I’m suggesting is to add a “whistle” key that, when pressed, manually recalls all of your pets back to you. This would replace the automatic teleportation, meaning that if your pet got caught in a corner it would sit there indefinitely until you pressed the whistle key. Once you whistle, all of your pets teleport to you.

This would be handy for keeping pets out of infinite teleportation loops, but would also make keeping your pet around more of a nuisance. A toggleable option would be nice, but for something as small and inconsequential as this I think it’d just be best as either the current system or the suggested system. Any thoughts?

Yes please, I would like to have my dog equipped but the white smoke poofs are too much.

I do like this! Having a bunch of cats falling through the air and puffing back up to me is sorta… unsightly? This would be great if I could just call them when I get there.

It might also make pet races a thing