Which game world would you like to come next after Zombie Massacre? (Poll)


This might’ve already been done but I didn’t see any.
The question is the title:
Which of the upcoming game worlds would you like to come next after Zombie Massacre?

  • Planet Panic Remake
  • Accelerate
  • SDNL
  • Panic at Horror Hill
  • Don’t know
  • I’m OK with any of the options

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I’m okay with anything but I voted for Accelerate because it’d be the first vehicle-based racing gameworld whereas something like SDNL is sorta similar to Virus. If they get vehicles working properly, we might get bumper cars sooner than later as well :slight_smile:

Second choice is Planet Panic just cause that can’t stay in alpha forever :stuck_out_tongue:




I feel like you could have just waited until the devs do one of these polls like they do once they release a game world.


ok i guess?


They haven’t done a poll since before Little Crusaders. No point in waiting for something if we don’t even know it’ll happen :stuck_out_tongue:


SDNL will hopefully give us a more balanced, consistent PvP FPS experience. I think this would be nice for both large group plays and 1v1s. Right now the most traditional version of that experience is laser tag, but with forced teams and inconsistent players the teams get lopsided easily.

Also with the weapon prediction proving successful in Virus and Laser tag, the backbone seems to already be in place for SDNL. Accelerate will be amazing but probably one of the more challenging and long developments of the game modes, as we really don’t have anything like vehicles yet. Seems like there is too much in the pipeline currently for the dev team to tackle an obstacle that big, but this is all conjecture on my part.


I would like to see Accelerate next. I’ve been plotting some certain changes to avoid making this game like Mario Kart as what Pixeltail said.


This isn’t in disagreement with you, but I think the fact that accelerate would take longer is a good reason to get it done earlier on. Cause once that’s in place, future updates should be relatively quick since all the backbones would be in place.


i’m ok with all of them but accelerate is pretty different from the minigames we have so its nice for a change.


I would like 2 modes, Arcade (Mario) and Normal or something like that with no power ups or anything weird.