Which feature did you vote for?

  • Condo Lighting Controls
  • Drones
  • Customizable Karts for Accelerate
  • Cell Phones
  • Fishing
  • RC Tank w/ Confetti Cannon

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You mean in Zak’s google form thing? I can’t seem to access it, it just redirects me to a google account login page.

Because you have to login to google first.

But I remember that I could fill google forms without logging in first? Or did they change that? I was also able to vote on their last poll on google forms, and I was able to vote in it without logging in.

I cant decide! They should bring all of This in The Game!!!

I voted for Fishing at last, but it was really hard to decide between that one and the Customizable Karts

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Voted for the Kart Customization

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I find it funny that fishing is actually winning. It seems like the most boring of the list, yet everybody knows they will have fun with it no matter how it turns out. :yum:

I had to go with drones. It, cell phones, and the condo lighting controls are really the only three that made sense to me, so it was a hard pick. I felt drones would offer more diversity in use than either, though. I’d love to see all three!

Though, fishing is winning, and I don’t quite understand that.

For me cell phones seemed like the coolest thing, but I ended up going with fishing because having a whole fishing system will be a lot more entertaining in the long run :slight_smile:

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Oh man im so hyped for fishing imagine catching all sorts of fish that you can hang on your wall or put in a fish tank!! :smiley: Plus maybe get better poles with the more fish you catch or going deepwater fishing! The tower is on a tropical island mind you it fits great im so excited i dont even mind summer is ending one more tack on my calendar closer to towers release! :smile:

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Fishing will definitely be interesting, specially if there are various variants such as the connecting to cooking, what you suggested @river12348, rarity tables, seasonal fish. Fishing has more to it that it meets the eye really.

I find it funny that nobody actually voted for the RC Tank. :hushed:

I want cell phones so bad… pls vote for that… :confounded:

I hope if they do add fishing they’ll have trophies to hang in your condo to brag about.

Also voted for Carts Customization. I think fishing will be boring.

i voted for Drones but. Fishing is probably gonna win but i kinda want fishing anyways :wink:

I voted for Cart Customization. It adds a little flair to Carts.

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Voted for Cell phones and hope to god they do more with it than calling and pictures. If they don’t I’ll regret not voting for Karts or fishing

I voted for condo lighting, I hope it catches up and wins or at least gets second or something so they’ll seriously consider it as an option after release! :open_mouth: :anguished: :bulb:

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It was really hard for me to decide between this one and the Drones. Condo lighting at the least has to make an appearance when Fishing inevitably wins.

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